In October of 2012, our son Vincent was diagnosed  with a glioblastoma (brain tumor).  For a year prior to the diagnosis my husband and I knew there was something wrong, but could not find any answers.  Our boy was suffering with both mental and physical issues.  We sought help from various specialists when we came across a physician at Akron Children's Hospital; and then found the source for Vincent's problems. 

Three days after diagnosis, Vincent had brain surgery followed up with chemotherapy, radiation and countless hours of therapy.  Given the rarity of a Glioblastoma Multiform in children we as a family decided to try treatment in a promising field involving targeted cancer gene therapy. Vincent fought a good fight through treatments and therapies however ultimately succumbed to the cancer in March of 2014. We miss him dearly everyday.

Throughout Vincent's fight we encountered exceptional individuals, caregivers and relied on the support of family.  The most compassionate moments came when our lives were touched by the smaller, local charities, who just wanted us to know we were not alone. 

It's in this spirit that we established Wings For Vincent. 

Vincent's Story

Wings for Vincent