Wings for Vincent

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Weighted Products

Your tax deductible donation to Wings for Vincent enables us to reach out to many who struggle with autism spectrum disorders.
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Weighted Blanket

Our goal at Wings for Vincent is to help children by providing weighted blankets, vests and lap pads at no cost to the child or family. The products are often used for those with sensory processing disorders.  They are a means of reducing anxiety for people experiencing disorders such as:

-Autism (autism spectrum disorders)
-Asperger Syndrome
-Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
-Restless Legs Syndrome

The weighted blanket offers deep pressure, without uncomfortable restriction, which in turn makes our bodies produce serotonin and endorphins. When these chemicals are released our bodies feel calm and relaxed.  The weighted products act as a "hug" for the child experiencing episodes of anxiety.

The weighted products can also be used for anyone experiencing trouble sleeping. In combination with the darkness that occurs during the night, the pineal gland converts serotonin to melatonin; our natural sleep-inducing hormone.

Our blankets, and lap pads are filled with non-toxic polypropylene pellets.  The blankets are machine washable and dryable.

If you need a blanket or lap pad for your child, please have your therapist or doctor contact us by email through the contact us page (Contact Us). You can provide your therapist or doctor with your child's color preference and the medical professional will determine what size and weight will be most beneficial.